Five Little Known Facts About NFL Kicker Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen had a long NFL career, playing from 1982 to 2007, and retired holding a number of NFL records. Here are five little known facts about this great NFL kicker.

-Only two players have come out of Michigan State University and played more than two decades in the NFL. The first was quarterback Earl Morrall and the second was kicker Morten Andersen.

-The best season Morten Andersen had during his NFL career, by percentage, was 2007 with the Falcons, his final year in the league when he made 25 of 28 field goal attempts for an 89.3 field goal percentage.

-Morten Andersen kicked 40 field goals in the NFL from 50 yards or further away. He made 22 for the Saints, 15 for the Falcons, two for the Giants, and one for the Chiefs.

-During his career, Morten Andersen kicked more field goals against the San Francisco 49ers, a total of 64, than he would against any other team in the NFL. The team he kicked the second most against was the Rams with 54. The team he made more extra point kicks against than any other was the Rams with 95.

-The longest field goal Morten Andersen ever made in the NFL came in a Saints loss to the Bears in 1991. In the second quarter of that game he connected from 60 yards away.

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