Five Little Known Facts About Raiders Great Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen had a great NFL career, playing mainly for the Raiders and later for the Chiefs, from 1982 to 1997. He put up some great numbers both rushing and receiving and had a big impact on his team’s successes. Here is a look at five little known facts about this great running back.

-Marcus Allen could catch well and obviously run well, but he was also noted for being a decent thrower during his time in the NFL. He finished his career having completed 12 of 27 passes for 285 yards and six touchdowns.

-Marcus Allen didn’t come by his throwing ability by accident. At Abraham Lincoln High School in San Diego, California, he played safety on defense and quarterback on offense.

-Marcus Allen caught 21 TD passes during his career. He caught them from five different quarterbacks over the years with Marc Wilson throwing him nine, Jim Plunkett connecting with him for six, Jay Schroeder contributing two to his total, Steve Beuerlein hitting him for one, and Joe Montana throwing him three.

-In a 1984 Raiders win over the Lions, Marcus Allen caught the longest TD pass of his career. It was a 73 yarder thrown to him by Jim Plunkett.

-The team Marcus Allen scored more touchdowns against than anyone else was the Chargers with a total of 26. Second on that list is the Seahawks with 20.

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