Five Things You May Not Know About Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is the loudspoken focal points of the Seattle Seahawks defense. He’s never shy of speaking his mind and has always done a great job of backing it up on the field. He’s turned himself into one of the best defensive backs in the league along the way too.

Here are five things you may not know about Richard Sherman:

High School Ties

Richard Sherman attended Manuel Dominguez High School in Compton, California. Other famous names to come from the same high school include baseball player Hubie Brooks, basketball player Cedric Ceballos, basketball player Tyson Chandler, basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Johnson, baseball player Ken Landreaux, basketball player Tayshaun Prince, comedian Paul Rodriguez, and football player Greg Townsend.

The Big Switch

Richard Sherman played wide receiver at Stanford during his first few seasons, catching a total of seven touchdown passes. After switching to defensive back he would accumulate six interceptions during his college career, returning one for a touchdown.

That Jersey Number

Richard Sherman wears jersey number 25 for the Seattle Seahawks. Other players to have worn that number for the team include Robert Blackmon, Don Dufek, Brian Russell, Lamar Smith, and Reggie Tongue.

The First Tackle

The first NFL player Richard Sherman was credited with tackling was Victor Cruz of the New York Giants.

And The First Penalty

The first penalty Richard Sherman would be called for would be Defensive Holding. It came on a third down in the second quarter of a 2011 loss to the Bengals.

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