Five Things You May Not Know About Seahawks Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

The Seattle Seahawks were in need of a reliable receiver who could get open, catch balls, and run after the catch. They got just that in 2011 when they signed Doug Baldwin who had gone undrafted in that season’s NFL Draft. He quickly became a very valuable part of the team.

Here are five things you may not know about Doug Baldwin:

Doug Baldwin’s College Touchdowns

Doug Baldwin caught 13 touchdown passes while at Stanford. The first four were thrown to him by Tavita Pritchard and the last nine by future Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Baldwin also had one rushing touchdown in college.

28 Wide Receivers Were Drafted

In 2011, 28 wide receivers were selected in the NFL Draft. That’s the same year Doug Baldwin came out of college and he went undrafted before being signed by the Seahawks as a free agent.

Jersey #89

Doug Baldwin wears jersey number 89 for the Seattle Seahawks. Other players who have worn that number for the team include Brian Blades, John Carlson, Duke Fergerson, Itula Mili, Boone Stutz, Jerheme Urban, and Byron Walker.

That First 100 Yard Game

The first time Doug Baldwin had a 100 yard game in the NFL came in Week 5 of his rookie season in 2011, a win over the New York Giants. In that game he caught eight passes for 136 yards and a touchdown.

High Five, Doug!

In Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seahawks first NFL title win, Doug Baldwin had five passes thrown his way. He caught each one of them for a total of 66 yards and a touchdown.

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