Five Things You Might Not Know About Matt Hasselbeck Of The Seattle Seahawks

Longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck spent the early part of his career as the backup to Brett Favre in Green Bay. This time spent watching one of the all time greats paid off and after being acquired by the Seahawks, he jumped right into the starting quarterback role and proved to be one of the best quarterbacks the team had ever had. He even led them, with the help of running back Shaun Alexander and the rest, to the Super Bowl following the 2005 season. He has been a part of some of the Seahawks’ biggest games and made some great plays. Here is a look at five things you may not know about Matt Hasselbeck.

#1 Matt Hasselbeck threw more touchdown passes against the San Francisco 49ers, a total of 27, than he threw against any other team in the league.

#2 Matt Hasselbeck’s most successful quarter of play has by far been the second quarter. He threw 203 touchdown passes in the NFL. 39 of those have come in the first quarter, 38 in the third quarter, and 35 in the fourth quarter. It is in the second quarter though where he has thrown nearly 41% of his touchdown passes, putting up a total of 81.

#3 No player has caught more touchdown passes from Hasselbeck than the 33 that wide receiver Darrell Jackson hauled in over his career.

#4 Matt Hasselbeck started his career out with two total touchdown passes with the Green Bay Packers. He ended his career with two total touchdown passes thrown while playing for the Indianapolis Colts. In between, he threw 174 for the Seahawks and 25 for the Titans.

#5 Matt Hasselbeck’s first touchdown pass as a member of the Seattle Seahawks would come in a week six loss to the Miami Dolphins. It came in the second quarter, went for 15 yards, and was caught by Itula Mili.

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