Green Bay Packers Legend Bart Starr’s Favorite Receivers

Bart Starr was one of the many faces of the Green Bay Packers during their ultra successful run of championships and exceptional play during the 1960’s. He, along with his teammates, gave some of the best performances that pro football has ever seen. Over the course of his career, Starr threw 152 touchdown passes, who were his favorite receivers though?

Here are the top five receivers ranked by how many trouchdown passes Bart Starr threw to them.

1. Boyd Dowler – 28

2. Max McGee – 25

3. Carroll Dale – 19

4. Ron Kramer – 12

5. Paul Hornung – 11

Bart Starr had a great career, but he couldn’t have done it without great players catching all those touchdown passes he threw too. When people think about Bart Starr, they should also think about Boyd Dowler.

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