Heisman Trophy – Rookie Of The Year Copycats

Heisman Trophy – Rookie of the Year Copycats

An interesting look at the early 1980’s copycats George Rogers and Marcus Allen.

George Rogers won the 1980 Heisman Trophy Award as the best collegiate football athlete; the winner of the 1981 Heisman Trophy Award was Marcus Allen. In 1981, while Allen was in the process of winning his Heisman, Rogers went on to win the NFL Rookie-of-the-Year award. In 1982, Marcus Allen followed up his Heisman Award with the winning of the NFL Rookie-of-the-Year. Two running backs, two consecutive years, and both won the same awards; the Heisman Trophy and the NFL Rookie-of-the-Year.

Need another copycat reference in this scenario? Both running backs went to USC… sort of. While Marcus Allen is one of the legendary running backs from the University of Southern California, George Rogers is one of the all-time greats from the University of South Carolina.

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