How Many Times Have Two Quarterbacks Thrown For 400 Yards In One Game?

A 300 yard game is generally regarded as a sign that a quarterback has had a very good game. Some quarterbacks go above and beyond that on occasion though. A 400 yard game doesn’t come along every weekend in the NFL, and very rarely do two quarterbacks accomplish it in the very same game.

Here are the five times in history where two quarterbacks have each thrown for more than 400 yards in the same game.

1st Time
On January 2nd, 1982 in a 41-38 win by the San Diego Chargers against the Miami Dolphins, Dan Fouts threw for 433 yards and Don Strock threw for 403 yards.

2nd Time
On December 20th, 1982 during a 50-34 San Diego Chargers victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Dan Fouts again broke the 400 yard mark by throwing for 435 yards while Ken Anderson threw for 416 yards.

3rd Time
In a 51-45 New York Jets victory over the Miami Dolphins on September 21, 1986, Ken O’Brien threw for 479 yards while Dan Marino threw for 448 yards.

4th Time
On September 13th, 1992 the Buffalo Bills defeated the San Francisco 49ers by the score of 34-31. Jim Kelly threw for 403 yards and Steve Young threw for 449 yards.

5th Time
In 39-35 Miami Dolphins win over the New England Patriots on September 4th, 1994 Dan Marino threw for 473 yards and Drew Bledsoe threw for 421 yards.

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