Interesting Facts About Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez Rookie Year

Mark Sanchez was drafted and brought great fanfare and hope to New York City, at least by to the Jets fans there. The Jets seem to have been searching for their next great quarterback almost since the day the great Joe Namath left the franchise in the mid 1970s.

Like most rookie quarterbacks, Sanchez experienced some struggles in his first season, but he showed a lot of promise too.

Here is a quick look at some interesting facts surrounding the rookie season of Mark Sanchez.

-During his rookie season, Mark Sanchez won the Rookie of the Week Award three different times.

-Mark Sanchez threw 13 touchdown passes during his rookie season. Four went to Braylon Edwards, four to Jerricho Cotchery, two to Dustin Keller, and one each to David Clowney, Chansi Stuckey, and Ben Hartsock.

-The first touchdown pass that Mark Sanchez ever threw in the NFL went for 30 yards to Chansi Stuckey in the first NFL game he ever played in.

-Mark Sanchez set the New York Jets team record for most interceptions thrown in a season by a rookie quarterback with 20. In second place is Joe Namath at 15 and in third place is Richard Todd with 12.

-The opponent that Mark Sanchez threw the most touchdown passes against during his rookie season was the Miami Dolphins. He threw one against them in the first game the Jets played at Miami, and then two more when the Dolphins came to New York.

-The longest touchdown pass of Mark Sanchez’s rookie year came in week 15 and went for 65 yards to Braylon Edwards in a 10-7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

-Only one of Mark Sanchez’s 13 touchdown passes that he threw as a rookie was thrown in the 4th quarter.

-In 2009, Mark Sanchez set the New York Jets team record for most passing yards by a rookie quarterback with 2,444.

-Only twice during his rookie season did Mark Sanchez throw more than one touchdown in a game. In a week 3 win over the Tennessee Titans he threw two touchdowns and in a week 8 loss to the Miami Dolphins he threw two touchdown passes.

-In week 16, the second to last game of the year, Mark Sanchez scored two different two point conversions. These were the only two point conversions he scored that season.

-During his rookie year, Mark Sanchez threw more touchdowns in the 3rd quarter of the games he played in than in any other quarter.

-Only Joe Namath, with 18 touchdown passes, threw for more touchdown passes as a Jets rookie than Mark Sanchez. In fact, Namath and Sanchez are the only two Jets rookie quarterbacks to ever throw double digit touchdown passes during their rookie year.

Mark Sanchez’s rookie season was not the greatest ever, but he showed a lot of signs that indicate he could have a good career ahead of him. He also was able to get the Jets into the playoffs during his rookie season too.

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