Interesting Facts About Longtime Patriots Quarterback Steve Grogan

Steve Grogan was drafted in the 5th round of the 1975 NFL Draft out of Kansas State University by the New England Patriots. While in college, he set most of the passing records at Kansas State and was regarded as a highly mobile and accurate passer. He played 16 seasons in the NFL, each of them with the Patriots. He began his professional career as the primary starter for the team, but after his sixth year in the league was relegated to the role of backup and sometime starter, never starting more than six games following the 1983 season.

Here are some interesting facts about Steve Grogan:

-Steve Grogan’s record in games as a starter was 75-60.

-In 1979, Steve Grogan threw for the most yards of his career (3,286) and led the league in touchdown passes with 28.

-In 1976, Steve Grogan scored 12 rushing touchdowns as a quarterback, this put him fourth in the league in rushing TDs that year behind Franco Harris, Walter Payton, and Chuck Foreman. No other players that year had double digit rushing touchdowns.

-During his career as a quarterback, Steve Grogan caught three passes. One of those went for a loss of eight yards.

-In 1987, even though he only played in seven games that season, Steve Grogan led the league in fumble recoveries with six.

-No other player has played more than the 16 seasons that Steve Grogan did for the New England Patriots.

-Steve Grogan’s 12 rushing touchdowns during the 1976 season are the most rushing touchdowns in one season by a quarterback in NFL history.

-Kansas State University only has one jersey number retired, the number 11. This is to honor both Steve Grogan as well as another former quarterback to wear that number, Lynn Dickey.

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