Interesting Facts About NFL Great Curtis Martin

Curtis Martin played college football at the University of Pittsburgh and upon being drafted into the NFL by the New England Patriots became an immediate difference maker. This kept up when he changed teams to the rival New York Jets too. By the time he retired, only three other players in NFL history had amassed more rushing yards in their careers (Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders. Here are some interesting facts about Curtis Martin.

-In the first playoff game of his career, Curtis Martin set a New England Patriots team record for most rushing yards in a post season game when he gained 166 yards. He also scored three touchdowns on that day.

-Curtis Martin scored an even 100 touchdowns during his career, the first 37 with the Patriots and then 63 as a member of the New York Jets.

-When Curtis Martin won the NFL rushing title in 2004 he did so with 1,697 yards, just one more than second place Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks.

-Curtis Martin never had a 100 yard receiving game during his NFL career.

-67 of Curtis Martin’s 100 career touchdowns were scored in home games.

-During his career, Curtis Martin became the second running back in NFL history to start his career off with ten consecutive 1,000 yard seasons. The first to do so was Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders.

-51 of Curtis Martin’s 100 career touchdowns came on runs of three yards or less.

-During his career, Curtis Martin scored more touchdowns in the 2nd quarter than any other quarter of play.

-The most rushing touchdowns ever scored by Curtis Martin in one game is three. He did this three times during his career, as a Patriot in a 1996 win over the Miami Dolphins, and then with the Jets in 2000 and 2001 wins over the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs respectively.

-During his entire career, Curtis Martin scored three two point conversions.

-Curtis Martin caught ten touchdown passes during his career. Five were thrown to him by Drew Bledsoe, three by Vinny Testaverde, and two by Chad Pennington.

-During his career, Curtis Martin had sixty 100 yard rushing games.

-Curtis Martin has a perfect quarterback rating for his career, having two pass attempts, two completions, with both going for touchdowns.

-Curtis Martin threw two touchdowns during his career, both of them went for 18 yards. Both of them also went to the same player, New York Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet.

-In a 1997 win over the New York Jets, Curtis Martin who at the time played for the New England Patriots, carried the ball 40 times during the game. This is the most rushing attempts in one game that he ever had.

-Curtis Martin’s first touchdown run of his career was a one yard run in a September win over the Cleveland Browns.

-In a 2000 win against the Indianapolis Colts, Curtis Martin set his personal best for rushing yards in one game when he gained 203 yards on 30 carries.

-The last touchdown Curtis Martin scored in the NFL came in a 2005 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

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