Interesting Facts About NFL Legend Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach put the Dallas Cowboys on the map and played a large role in the team becoming known as “America’s Team”. His style of play endeared him to many Cowboys fans who loved his scrambling ability, his strong arm, and his leadership. With Staubach at quarterback, the Cowboys would make four trips to the Super Bowl in the 1970s, coming away with two championships. Here is a look at some interesting facts about Dallas Cowboys great Roger Staubach.

-Due to graduating from the Naval Academy and a service commitment, Roger Staubach didn’t make his NFL debut until he was 27 years old.

-The last touchdown pass Roger Staubach threw in his career went to Tony Hill in a come from behind 35-34 victory over the Washington Redskins in 1979.

-Hall of Fame Racing is a NASCAR team that is jointly owned by Cowboys quarterbacks, and members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.

-The team that Roger Staubach threw the most touchdown passes against was the New York Giants with 24.

-During the 1970s, Roger Staubach worked in a real estate office during the off season and would eventually open his own commercial real estate business two full years before he retired from the National Football League.

-During his career, Roger Staubach threw just one touchdown pass in overtime. This came in a 1975 win over the Cardinals and was completed to Billy Joe Dupree.

-A letter from Roger Staubach was included in a fundraising letter sent out by Senator Jorh McCain during his campaign for the office of President of the United States of America.

-Roger Staubach rushed for 20 touchdowns during his career, ten of those came during the second quarter and 14 of those came at home.

-Roger Staubach played in four Super Bowl games, two against the Pittsburgh Steelers and one each against the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos. He threw four career interceptions in the Super Bowl, all of them coming in the two games against the Steelers.

-Roger Staubach had 22 yards rushing in both the first and second games he played in the NFL.

-Over the course of his 11 year career, Roger Staubach played in 131 games. He only achieved a 300 yard passing performance six times while in the NFL.

-Roger Staubach is credited with one career reception during his career. It went for a 13 yard loss.

-Roger Staubach was drafted in the 10th round of the 1964 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys, he was also taken in the 16th round of the 1964 AFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs, but chose to instead play in the NFL.

-Roger Staubach threw 153 touchdown passes during his NFL career. 56 of those, more than a third, were thrown in the 2nd quarter.

-Roger Staubach led the league in lowest percentage of passes intercepted three times during his 11 year career (1971, 1977, and 1979).

-In Roger Staubach’s final year in the NFL he led the league in recovered fumbles with six.

-Two players are tied with catching the most Roger Staubach touchdown passes at 27, Drew Pearson and Billy Joe Dupree.

-Four times in his eleven seasons in the league, Roger Staubach had the highest quarterback rating of any quarterback that year.

-Roger Staubach threw the first touchdown pass of his career to wide receiver Lance Rentzel in a win over the St. Louis Cardinals in 1969. It was a 75 yard touchdown pass that gave the Cowboys the lead.

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