Interesting Facts About Seahawks Great Curt Warner

Curt Warner burst on the scene in 1983 and was immediately recognizable as the best player in Seattle Seahawks history. In the first game of his second year in the league, he suffered a season ending injury and though he was again productive, he was never quite the same again. To this day, he is remembered very fondly by Seahawks fans every where. Here are some interesting facts about Curt Warner.

-It is actually accurate to say that Curt Warner was born in both Wyoming and West Virginia. He was born in 1961 in the community of Wyoming and in the state of West Virginia.

-Curt Warner was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2009.

-There were only 90 students in Curt Warner’s high school graduating class.

-When Curt Warner graduated from Penn State he owned 42 Nittany Lions records.

-In Curt Warner’s rookie year in the NFL, he led the entire AFC is rushing yards.

-The first NFL touchdown of Curt Warner’s career came on an 18 yard pass from Jim Zorn in a 1983 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. He would score six more receiving touchdowns during his career, but all of those would be thrown to him by quarterback Dave Krieg.

-Curt Warner was inducted into the Seattle Seahawks Ring of Honor in 1994. He was the third player, and fourth player overall, in team history to be so honored.

-Curt Warner was just as good on the road as he was at home, having scored 32 touchdowns in away games and 31 in Seattle.

-The team that Curt Warner scored more touchdowns against than any other was the Denver Broncos. He scored 12 of his 63 career touchdowns against Denver.

-Following his professional football career, Curt Warner has helped coach high school football at Camas High School and owns an automobile dealership in Vancouver, Washington.

-Curt Warner the eight seasons in the NFL, the first seven with the Seattle Seahawks and one final year with the Los Angeles Rams.

-Curt Warner scored 63 touchdowns during his NFL career. 62 of them were scored with Seahawks and one with the Rams.

-The longest touchdown run of Curt Warner’s career was 60 yards and came in the fourth quarter of a 41-16 win over the Denver Broncos in 1986.

-36 of Curt Warner’s 56 career rushing touchdowns came from three yards out or less.

-Curt Warner had 24 total 100 yard games during his career. His first 100 yard game came in week two of his rookie season in 1983 in a 17-10 win over the New York Jets. His last 100 yard rushing game came in week four of the 1989 season in a 24-20 win over the Los Angeles Raiders.

-The Seattle Seahawks had a record of 20-4 in games where Curt Warner rushed for 100 or more yards.

-Curt Warner’s biggest rushing performance came during his rookie season when he carried the ball 32 times for 207 yards and three touchdowns in a 51-48 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

-The most touchdowns Curt Warner ever scored in one game was four. This happened in a 42-14 win over the Denver Broncos in the second to last game of the 1988 season.

-Only two players were selected in the 1983 NFL Draft ahead of Curt Warner and both of them ended up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, they were John Elway and Eric Dickerson.

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