Interesting Facts About Washington Redskins Great Darrell Green

Darrell Green was regarded as an amazying physical specimen during his time in the National Football League. The NFL is a demanding sport and it is hard to play most positions for two decades. Cornerback is particularly demanding because oer time a player loses speed and then is not nearly as effective as they once were. Darrell Green played cornerback in the NFL for an amazing 20 years. Here are some interesting facts about the great Darrell Green.

-Darrell Green was an all-state track selection during his time at Jesse H. Jones High School in Houston, Texas.

-During Darrell Green’s senior year at Texas A&I University he accumulated 56 tackles, four interceptions, and even returned two punts for touchdowns.

-Darrell Green defeated future Olympic track and field legend Carl Lewis in the 100 meter dash during his sophomore year in college.

-Darrell Green led the Washington Redskins in solo tackles during his rookie season in 1983.

-In a November 1987 game against the Detroit Lions, Darrell Green intercepted three passes.

-No player has played more games for the Washington Redskins than Darrell Green.

-Even though he played defense his entire career, in 1985 Darrell Green saw action on offense and carried the ball one time for six yards.

-Darrell Green is just one of two players, the other being Jackie Slater of the Los Angeles Rams, to play for 20 seasons with one team.

-Darrell Green won the NFL’s Fastest Man competition four times. He was never beaten in the competition.

-Darrell Green retired from the NFL holding the record for the most consecutive seasons with at least one interception (19).

-Darrell Green forced five fumbles during his career, three of those came in 1996.

-The longest interception return for a touchdown of Darrell Green’s entire career went for 83 yards during the 1st quarter of a 1997 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

-Darrell Green scored eight touchdowns during his NFL career, half of those touchdowns were scored during the 2nd quarter.

-Darrell Green intercepted 54 passes during his 20 year career with the Redskins. The team he grabbed most of those interceptions against was the Cardinals with 11.

-The most interceptions that Darrell Green ever had in one season was five. He did this three times, in 1984, 1986, and 1991.

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