Joe Montana’s Incredible Super Bowl Passer Rating

Joe Montana’s incredible Super Bowl passer rating

The validity and meaning of the hard-to-understand “passer rating” statistic is often debated. The rating is meant to measure the efficiency of a quarterback by comparing number of complete passes with attempted passes and interceptions.

In four Super Bowl games Joe Montana not only led the San Francisco 49ers to victories but also proved to be one of the best big game quarterbacks ever. Montana’s stats through those four Super Bowl victories play out as: 83 completions in 122 attempts for 1,142 yards. He also threw for eleven touchdown passes and amazingly had no interceptions in any of those big games.

At the end of the day (or in this case, those four days), Joe Montana’s passer rating in Super Bowls computes out to 127.8 – that’s through 4 games… the 4 biggest games of his life.

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