John Riggins’ Amazing Production For The Washington Redskins In 1983

Hall of Fame running back John Riggins had a great career that stretched from 1971 to 1985. While he was always productive, both with the Jets in the early to mid 1970s and then later with the Redskins, nothing he did would match his 1983 season.

-In 1983, Riggins scored 24 touchdowns. Only two other times in his entire career did he break into double digits in touchdowns, scoring 13 in 1981 and 14 in 1984.

-The most yards John Riggins ever ran for in one season was 1,347 which also happened in 1983.

-Riggins carried the ball 375 times that season too, also a career high.

-Interestingly, Riggins only caught five passes during the 1983 season. This was the fewest amount of receptions he ever had in any of 14 years in the NFL.

It isn’t often that a Hall of Fame caliber running back has their best season when they’re 12 years into their career, but 1983 was an incredible season to be a John Riggins and a Washington Redskins fan.

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