Let’s Look At Irving Fryar

Irving Fryar was a wide receiver who had high expectations after being selected with the first overall pick by the New England Patriots in the 1984 NFL Draft.  He would go on to play in the NFL for sixteen years, the first nine with the Patriots, followed by shorter stints with the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins.

In his career, Fryar put up over 12,000 yards and scored 85 touchdowns (one rushing).  Fryar was an outstanding wide receiver in college at the University of Nebraska and his NFL career was very good.

One interesting Irving Fryar fact is that although most people remember him for his long stay with the Patriots, in fact during the late 1980’s he was the face of the franchise, he had more 1,000 yard receiving seasons outside of New England.  Fryar played nine seasons in New England and had only one 1,000 yard season (1991), this was mostly due to being on subpar teams and never having a big name quarterback.  Fryar went on to accumulate two 1,000 yard seasons (1993 & 1994) during his three year stint with the Miami Dolphins, and then he had two more 1,000 yard seasons (1996 & 1997) during his three years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Irving Fryar, one of the better wide receivers of his time.

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