Mark Bavaro vs. Jeremy Shockey ? Who Was The Better Giants Tight End?

Tight end is an interesting position in football. A tight end has to be able to catch the football, but he also needs to be able to block too. This versatile position is important as it can aid both the running and passing games.

Over the most recent couple of decades, the New York Giants have been blessed with two very talented tight ends. Mark Bavaro played for the Giants from 1985 to 1990 and was a fan favorite on the great Bill Parcells Giants teams of the late 1980s. Jeremy Shockey had a love/hate relationship with Giants fans, playing for the team from 2002 to 2007. Both Bavaro and Shockey played for the Giants for six full seasons, but which player was better?

-In terms of durability, Shockey played in 83 games for the men in blue. Bavaro was right there with him, hitting the field for 82 games while with the Giants.

-When it comes to number of receptions, Shockey has quite the lead with his 371 career Giants receptions to Bavaro’s 266.

-Shockey leads in total receiving yards too with 4,228 to Bavaro’s 3,722.

-Bavaro grabs an advantage over Shockey though when it comes to yards per reception as he gained on average 14 yards per catch, where as Shockey gained just 11.4.

-Bavaro barely edges Shockey in terms of receiving touchdowns with his 28 just ahead of Shockey’s 27.

-These two are close again in terms of the longest catch of their career. Bavaro caught a 61 yard pass to top Shockey’s 59 yard reception.

-Shockey comes out ahead in fumbles, having dropped the ball just five times to Bavaro’s six, despite having more than one hundred catches more catches than him.

These two players who each won Super Bowl rings for the New York Giants and each played six years at tight end for the team, are very closely rated after all. Both contributed significantly to their team’s winning ways. With two players this closely rated, it’s only fair to let the fans of the game decide.

So, who was the better New York Giants tight end, Mark Bavaro or Jeremy Shockey?

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  1. Barry Corrigan says:

    I can state unequivocally having watched both men in their respective primes that Bavaro was a better football player than Shockey. Bavaro was the slightly better receiver dropping less passes. As a blocker it is not even close. Bavaro was light-years ahead of Shockey in that department. Bavaro not only successfully blocked the best outside linebackers of his day like Seth Joyner, Bill Romanowski, Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson, just to name a few. He could also block defensive ends. Shockey did not possess the lower body strength of Bavaro to be able to do things like this. Both could break tackles running with the ball after a catch. Believe me when I tell you – BAVARO WAS THE MUCH BETTER TIGHT END. Period.

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