Oakland Raiders Great Jim Plunkett’s Favorite Receivers

Jim Plunkett

Jim Plunkett had one of the more interesting careers a quarterback can have. He came out of Stanford University highly rated and having just won the Heisman Trophy. The New England Patriots drafted him and expected big things. Plunkett was a good player for the Patriots, but never really lived up to expectations. They also never really surrounded him with great talent either.

He found himself traded to the San Francisco 49ers and for two seasons he was back home, but still not showing what he could really do.

He eventually found his way to the Oakland Raiders, and it was there that he got his chance to shine. Plunkett fit in well with the Raiders attitude and he would help the team to two Super Bowl victories.

Jim Plunkett played with a lot of players during his career, but who were his favorite receivers? Here is a list of the top five receivers based on the number of times they and Plunkett hooked up for touchdowns.

Todd Christensen – 20

Randy Vataha – 16

Cliff Branch – 15

Reggie Rucker – 10

Gene A. Washington – 10

Interestingly, each team that he played for is represented in this list, so he was productive at every stop along the way. He just wasn’t one of the best until he made his way to the Raiders franchise.

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