Oakland Raiders Quarterback Jim Plunkett’s Favorite Receivers

Jim Plunkett was a big name in college football in the late 1960s. He won the Heisman Trophy, awarded yearly to the best college football player in the nation, in his senior season at Stanford University. Many high level football people rated Plunkett as possibly the best pro quarterback prospect of all time. He was drafted with the first pick in the 1971 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. It was a huge disappointment though that five seasons later he was traded away to the San Francisco 49ers due to poor performance in New England. Plunkett would play just two seasons in San Francisco before moving on to the Oakland Raiders and being thought of largely as a reclamation project. He would stay with the Raiders until he retired following the 1986 season, winning two Super Bowls, including one Super Bowl MVP Award.

Who were Jim Plunkett’s favorite receivers though during his career?

There is a tie in fourth place tie on the list of players who caugt the most touchdown passes from Jim Plunkett. Tied with ten apiece are Gene A. Washington and Reggie Rucker.

In third place on the list is Oakland Raiders legend Cliff Branch with 15.

Randy Vataha was one of Plunkett’s favorite receivers in college at Stanford. After college he was selected by the Los Angeles Rams but later released. He was then signed by the Patriots and played seven seasons there. He also ended up as Jim Plunkett’s second favorite receiver overall, catching 16 touchdown passes from him.

No player caught more touchdown passes from Jim Plunkett though than Oakland Raiders tight end Todd Christensen. During their time together, they hooked up on scoring passing plays 20 times.

Jim Plunkett had both great and not so great moments during his career. He was a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, the first pick in the NFL Draft, a player given up on by two different teams, and finally a two time Super Bowl winning quarterback. During his career, he had a number of big performances and played in a number of big games. With great teammates like Todd Christensen, Randy Vataha, and Cliff Branch, he was able to turn adversity into success.

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