Peyton Manning And The Top Ten TD Passers Of All Time

One of the more interesting things to note when you look at the all time leaders in touchdown passes is Peyton Manning’s spot on the list.

The Career Top 10 Touchdown Passing Leaders
1. Brett Favre – 442 TDs
2. Dan Marino – 420 TDs
3. Fran Tarkenton – 342 TDs
4. Peyton Manning – 306 TDs
5. John Elway – 300 TDs
6. Warren Moon – 291 TDs
7. Johnny Unitas – 290 TDs
8. Vinny Testaverde – 275 TDs
9. Joe Montana – 273 TDs
10. Dave Krieg – 261 TDs

Comparing Peyton Manning to the rest of the players on that list and one thing comes to mind. Brett Favre is at the top of the list and played 17 seasons in the league. Vinny Testaverde is on the list and played 21 season with seven different teams. But look at Peyton Manning, he is number four on the list of all time touchdown passes thrown by a quarterback, and he has only been in the league for ten seasons. He is averaging 30 TD passes a season, at that rate he would pass Brett Favre in a little less than five seasons.

***Edit (08/23/09)

Peyton Manning is now sitting at 333 career touchdown passes. This still places him in 4th place, but he is less than 10 behind Minnesota Vikings all time great Fran Tarkenton, so sometime during the 2009 season Manning will be third on this list.

Brett Favre also upped his league leading total to 464 after his one season with the New York Jets, putting some sizable distance between him and second place quarterback Dan Marino.

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