Quarterbacks Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler Swap Teams

Well, the blockbuster trade that everyone has been expecting to take place anytime finally happened.  The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears swapped quarterbacks today with Kyle Orton and multiple draft picks going from Chicago to Denver for quarterback Jay Cutler.

This trade significantly upgrades the Bears at the quarterback position and leaves the Broncos with Kyle Orton and Chris Simms as the top two quarterbacks on the roster.  It doesn’t take much to realize that neither one of those guys will go down as the best quarterback in Denver Broncos history.  Cutler impressed a lot of people last year, making the Pro Bowl in just his second season in the league.  It’s been a very long time since the Bears had anyone at the quarterback position you could describe as a franchise quarterback, not even the fun-to-watch Jim McMahon could be labeled that.

In the spirit of IQFB… here are some interesting facts about the two quarterbacks involved in this trade:

Kyle Orton:

-Kyle Orton began wearing jersey number 18 in college at Purdue in honor of former Nebraska Cornhuskers’ quarterback Brook Berringer.  Berringer had passed away in a plane crash in 1996.

-During Kyle Orton’s rookie season with the Chicago Bears he went 10-5 as the starting quarterback but managed to finish last in the league in quarterback rating (59.7).

-Kyle Orton started football games for the Chicago Bears in three of the four seasons he was with the team and never had a record below .500, going 10-5 in 2005, 2-1 in 2007, and 9-6 in 2008.

-During his rookie season with the Bears, quarterback Kyle Orton would appear in the season ending top ten list in three categories, unfortunately those categories were interceptions (8th place), times sacked (9th place), and fumbles (6th place).

Jay Cutler:

-During his junior and senior years at Heritage Hills High School in Indiana, Cutler’s team would put up a combined record of 26-1.

-The winning score in Jay Cutler’s high school team’s state championship football game during his senior season was a trick play that resulted in a touchdown pass being thrown by the team’s running back to the quarterback, Cutler.

-Jay Cutler earned his college degree in Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt.

-Jay Cutler ran for nine touchdowns during his freshman year at Vanderbilt.

-To draft Jay Cutler in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos had to move up to the spot by trading their 15th overall and 68th overall picks to the St. Louis Rams for the 11th overall pick they would eventually use on Cutler.  The Rams would use those picks to first select cornerback Tye Hill out of Clemson and then defensive lineman Claude Wroten out of LSU.

-Jay Cutler’s first touchdown pass in his professional football career went to tight end Stephen Alexander.

-Jay Cutler has never posted an above .500 record in the NFL as a starting quarterback, going 2-3 in 2006, 7-9 in 2007, and 8-8 in 2008.

-Through the 2008 NFL season, Jay Cutler’s longest pass of his career went for 93 yards and was thrown to wide receiver Eddie Royal.

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