Steve Young’s Big Touchdown / Little Yardage Day

Steve Young was a great quarterback in the NFL and is well deserving of his election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Over the course of his career, he put up some amazing stats and had some great games.

On one day in particular though, Steve Young did something no one else had done before and no one else through 2009 has done again.

In a mid-December game in 1987 against the Chicago Bears, Steve Young threw four touchdown passes. There is nothing too unusual about this though, Young had nine total games during his career where he threw four touchdown passes. This was, however, his first four touchdown pass game. In the game, the 49ers would win by a score of 41-0 and totally dominate the Bears with a running game that amassed 198 yards on the day.

With the help of this dominant running game, Steve Young’s stats for the day ended up being nine completions on 19 attempts for just 100 yards. Young became the first player, and so far only player, to throw four touchdown passes in a game where they threw for 100 or less passing yards.

As a side note, he threw one touchdown pass in each quarter of the game; to Jerry Rice in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th quarters, and to Dwight Clark in the 2nd quarter.

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