Taking A Look At The Touchdown Passes Of Dan Marino

Dan Marino is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. From beginning to end, his career for the Miami Dolphins was something to watch. By the time of his retirement, he owned most of the career passing records in the league.

During his career, Dan Marino threw 420 regular season touchdown passes. Here are some interesting facts related to those touchdowns.

-The team that Dan Marino threw the most touchdown passes against was the New York Jets. Over the course of his career he amassed 72 touchdown passes against them.

-The first touchdown pass of Dan Marino’s career came in 1983, his rookie year, and was thrown to Joe Rose.

-The player who caught more touchdown passes from Dan Marino than anyone else is wide receiver Mark Clayton. During their time together, Clayton would catch 79 touchdown passes from Marino.

-Approximately 37% of Dan Marino’s touchdown passes were thrown in the second quarter of the games he played in.

-The longest touchdown pass Dan Marino threw during his career went for 85 yards. He actually did this twice, both times the passes were completed to wide receiver Mark Duper.

Dan Marino never won the Super Bowl during his time in the NFL, but he sure knew how to throw touchdown passes.

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