That Punky QB’s Headbands

We can’t answer every question we get, but “John” sent us a good one:

“Question, What did McMahon and Payton write on their white headbands? I know that Rozelle was one and Pluto was on another. Were there any other ones?”

It all started when Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was shown on television while on the sidelines wearing his Adidas headband. Commissioner Pete Rozelle immediately fined McMahon and issued a written statement reminding him that NFL players were not allowed to wear anything on the field or sidelines displaying a non-approved corporate logo. McMahon responded by wearing the famous white headband with the word “Rozelle” lettered on it. Rozelle was immensely entertained by this, but let McMahon know that his fine would stand. McMahon would then go on later in the year to wear a headband stating “JDF Cure” (for Juvenile Diabetes Fund), then one saying “POW-MIA”, and finally one with the word “Pluto” on it (the nickname of a friend’s child who suffered from Juvenile Diabetes. This was McMahon’s way of daring the NFL to fine him for wearing a charitable organization’s slogan, which of course they didn’t do as it would’ve been a publicity nightmare.

Great question, John!

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