The Buffalo Bills’ Jim Kelly And His Fourth Quarter TD Passes

Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills was one of the most exciting quarterbacks of his era. He could manage a game, throw the long ball, and hit the quick slant as good as anyone. One of the best parts about getting to watch him play though was seeing him run the no-huddle offense, or K-Gun, that was used by the Bills while he was there.

Jim Kelly threw 237 touchdown passes during his NFL career with the Bills. He threw 60 of them in the fourth quarter. That’s more than he threw in any other quarter of play. The player who caught more of his fourth quarter touchdown passes than anyone else was Andre Reed with 14. In second was Thurman Thomas with eight, followed by James Lofton and Pete Metzelaars who each caught six fourth quarter touchdown passes from him over the years.

The team he threw more fourth quarter TD passes against during his career was the New England Patriots with a total of 11.

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