The Favorite Receivers Of Longtime Seahawks Quarterback Dave Krieg

Dave Krieg is not thought of in the same way as a lot of the great quarterbacks in NFL history, but because of his longevity he actually has numbers that rank him among some of the best ever. Dave Krieg’s rookie season was 1980, and he went on to play an amazing 19 years in the league. The first twelve seasons of his career were spent in Seattle at a time when he was able to team up with Hall of Famer Steve Largent.

During his career he would throw 261 career touchdown passes. Who were Dave Krieg’s favorite receivers though?

-The player to catch the fifth most of Dave Krieg’s touchdown passes is Ray Butler with 11.

-John L. Williams was a longtime running back for the Seahawks and a great receiver out of the backfield. During the time they were teammates, Williams would catch 12 touchdown receptions from Dave Krieg, good enough for fourth place on this list.

-The player who caught the third most touchdown passes thrown by Dave Krieg is former University of Miami receiver Brian Blades with 16.

-In second place on this list is Daryl Turner who grabbed 34 touchdown passes thrown to him by Dave Krieg.

-First place should be no surprise to anyone. Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent caught 46 touchdown passes during his career from Dave Krieg.

Dave Krieg will not go down as one of the best quarterbacks ever, but he had some very good years during his career. He was also able to play for an incredibly long time, not may players get to even think about playing in the NFL for 19 years.

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