The Favorite Receivers Of Miami Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino

Few quarterbacks even come close to the career numbers that the great Dan Marino was able to put up during his career. He began his career in 1983 and retired following the 1999 season. He played each of his years in the National Football League with the Miami Dolphins and when he retired he held most of the major passing records. He is known for a lot of things, including being one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Early in his career, Marino and the Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl, only to lose. He would never again make it back to the game despite the lengthy career he had. Marino threw 420 touchdown passes during his career, but who were his favorite receivers?

The player who caught the most touchdown passes from Marino was wide receiver Mark Clayton with 79. This works out to nearly twenty percent of all of the touchdown passes he threw during his career.

The player in second place on this list is longtime Dolphins wide receiver Mark Duper with 55. The teaming up of Mark Duper and Mark Clayton with Dan Marino made the Dolphins an exciting team to watch.

In third place with 25 touchdown receptions from Marino is wide receiver O.J. McDuffie who spent the 1990s with the team.

Nat Moore was a veteran receiver when Marino came to the team in the early 1980s. He is fourth on the list with 24 touchdown receptions.

Rounding out the top five players in terms of touchdown receptions for this great quarterback is Jim Jensen with 19.

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