The Favorite Receivers Of The Saints Drew Brees

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Drew Brees, though he is a long time away from retiring, has already had a very interesting NFL career. He came into the league out of Purdue University and had some relatively high expectations. Due to struggling early on and some injury problems, many people with the San Diego Chargers looked on him as somewhat of a disappointment.

In his final couple of years in San Diego, Brees really blossomed and started to show that this young quarterback might in fact be something special. Chargers fans and coaches wouldn’t be able to see that first hand though as he would eventually sign with the New Orleans Saints. It is there that Brees would find a home and show everyone exactly how good he was.

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During his career so far, who have been Drew Brees’ favorite receivers? Here is a list of receivers through the 2009 season based on how many touchdown passes the quarterback has thrown their way.

Marques Colston – 33

Antonio Gates – 23

Lance Moore – 14

Devery Henderson – 13

Robert Meachem – 12

Just missing that top five list at this point is Reggie Bush with 11.

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