The Favorite Receivers Of The Seattle Seahawks Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn was the first quarterback that the Seattle Seahawks franchise ever had. His rookie season was 1976 which was also the first year the Seahawks were in the league. He played college football at Cal Poly Pomona and then was the starter for Seattle for seven and a half years. He finished his career as a backup with the Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League, and finally the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had a lot of big games in those early days with Seattle, but who were his favorite receivers.

Jim Zorn threw 111 touchdown passes during his career.

-Fifth on the list of most touchdown receptions from Jim Zorn is Don Testerman with five.

-With seven touchdown receptions from Jim Zorn during his career, fourth place on the list belongs to Seattle fan favorite, running back Dan Doornink.

-Much like Zorn was the first Seahawks quarterback, Sherman Smith was the team’s first every down running back, and he caught the third most of Jim Zorn’s touchdown passes with nine.

-Wide receiver Sam McCullum caught the second highest total of Jim Zorn’s touchdown passes. During his career, he and Zorn hooked up for scoring plays 20 different times.

-The first place spot on the list of receivers to catch the most touchdown passes from Jim Zorn should not come as a surprise. Pro Football Hall of Fame member Steve Largent holds the position with 43 touchdown receptions.

Jim Zorn will always be loved in Seattle where he is associated with the excitement of the city getting its first professional football team. Zorn was an exciting quarterback who was adept at scrambling, thankfully so considering he was on the run quite often. He played in a number of great games and threw some great touchdown passes, just ask Steve Largent, Sam McCullum, Sherman Smith, Dan Doornink, and Don Testerman.

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