The Kansas City Chiefs’ Dante Hall’s Amazing 2003 Season As A Returner

An effective kick or punt returner can be a game changer in the National Football League. Returning kicks and punts for touchdowns is obviously helpful, but also important is the improved field position that a good returner can give a team. One of the best years by a returner in the history of the NFL was 2003 by the Kansas City Chiefs excellent return man, Dante Hall.

In 2003, Dante Hall returned 57 kicks for 1,478 yards, an average of 25.9 yards per return. He also scored two touchdowns on kick returns that year. If that wasn’t enough, that same year he returned 29 punts for a total of 472 yards, a league leading average of 16.3 yards per punt return. Not to be outdone by himself, he also scored two touchdowns that year on punt returns. Also notable was the fact that his 100 yard kick return for a touchdown tied two others as the longest of the season, and his 93 yard punt return for a touchdown was the longest punt return of the year.

What a year!

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