The Miami Dolphins Bob Griese And Who Were His Favorite Receivers

Bob Griese came to the Miami Dolphins as a highly rated rookie quarterback in 1967. He almost immediately started paying dividends and quickly became thought of as one of the better quarterbacks in the league. His place in history was cemented, thanks in large part to the very successful Miami Dolphins teams of the early 1970’s, including the team that went undefeated in 1972 and won the Super Bowl.

Who were Bob Griese’s favorite receivers during his career though? Here is a look at his top five touchdown targets and how many TD passes he threw them.

Nat Moore – 33

Paul Warfield – 29

Jim Mandich – 21

Howard Twilley – 17

Karl Noonan – 16

Miami Dolphins fans loved having Bob Griese as their quarterback and it was all for obvious reasons. He was a smart and somewhat agile quarterback who had an accurate pass and a good team around him. He truly is one of the NFL‘s great all time quarterbacks, and the five guys listed above had a lot to do with him being thought of so highly.

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