The Most Touchdown Passes By A Quarterback Who Only Played In One Game… Ever

Steve Bradley has a distinction as an NFL quarterback that no one else can match.

Until Antwaan Randle El came along, Bradley owned most of the career passing records and leadership spots in the University of Indiana’s record book. The Hoosiers aren’t known for producing great quarterbacks, more like great basketball players, but still being that successful at a major college can’t be a bad thing. Bradley’s taste of the big time came during the 1987 NFL player’s strike when he was a replacement player. Most replacement players lasted in the league for three weeks, and then when the strike was settled they moved on their way. So, what is it about Steve Bradley that sets him apart from all other NFL quarterbacks through history?

Steve Bradley holds the record for most touchdown passes thrown by a player who only played in one NFL game in their entire career.

Yes, Steve Bradley only played in one NFL game in his entire career, it was for the Chicago Bears in 1987 and they lost to the New Orleans Saints by a score of 19-17, but during the game he threw for two touchdowns which is one more than any other player who has only played in one game has thrown. The first touchdown went to Chris Brewer, a running back out of the University of Arizona, and the second one went to Glen Kozlowski who though he was a replacement player, would stick around and play another five seasons with the Bears.

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