The Peyton Manning / Tom Brady Debate

It is a credit to both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning that there continues to be debate over which player is better than the other. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either player and both have enjoyed incredibly successful careers. Fans and supporters of both players are very passionate and as long as they admit that the other one is pretty darn good too, then they are reasonable and knowledgeable too.

Let’s not talk about which is better right now, but let’s talk about what type of fan thinks each one is better. For the sake of this argument we’ll not count the opinions of Colts or Patriots fans, eliminating that bias.

Tom Brady
Generally speaking, the fans that think Brady is the better of the two say that he is the more intelligent and cool-under-pressure quarterback. They liken him to Joe Montana and often speak of his ability to be almost like another coach out on the field.

Peyton Manning
Oftentimes fans that chalk up Manning as the better of the two quarterbacks speak of his ability to improvise, his stronger arm, and the amazing numbers he puts up. Manning fans mention that he is like a Dan Marino, or even a Steve Young, who can take over a game based on his athletic ability alone if need be.

Next time you see this debated on TV, pay attention to the backgrounds of the commentators debating the issue. Usually if the TV commentator is a former head coach then he prefers Tom Brady. What coach wouldn’t want to give direction to this guy? Likewise, if the commentator is a former player (and especially if he’s a former quarterback) then he tends to favor Peyton Manning. Former players admire Manning for his athletic ability, kind of a “what could I have done with that kind of talent” mind set.

Either way, a well run team is going to be successful with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning at the helm…

Who do you prefer?

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