The Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw’s Favorite Receivers

Terry Bradshaw had a great career, including winning four Super Bowl titles. He played in some important games and put up some impressive numbers. He played 14 seasons in the NFL, retiring after the 1983 season. During his time in the league, all of it spent with the Steelers, he threw 212 total touchdown passes. Who were his favorite receivers though?

-The player who holds the fifth spot on the list of most touchdown receptions from Terry Bradshaw is Ron Shanklin who caught 14 during his career.

-In fourth place on the list of most touchdowns caught from Terry Bradshaw is longtime Steelers tight end Bennie Cunningham with 16.

-Next on the list is wide receiver Jim Smith with 21 career touchdown receptions from Bradshaw.

-Holding the second place spot in terms of most touchdown receptions from Terry Bradshaw is John Stallworth with 44.

-The player to catch the most touchdown passes from Bradshaw is Hall of Fame wide receiver Lynn Swann. During his time with the Steelers, Swann caught 49 touchdown passes from Terry Bradshaw, many of them are very memorable and famous plays that are replayed from time to time even today.

Terry Bradshaw had a great career and was known as a player that could just win ballgames. He had some great games too, just ask Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Jim Smith, Bennie Cunningham, and Ron Shanklin.

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