The Quarterback Who Links Tony Dorsett To Eric Dickerson

Tony Dorsett and Eric Dickerson are two of the greatest running backs in NFL history. Dorsett came first, debuting in the 1970’s, while Dickerson launched his career in the 1980’s. They did overlap for a few years while both saw action in the league.

Tony Dorsett came out of the University of Pittsburgh and immediately made an impact on America’s Team, and the NFL, when he joined the Dallas Cowboys. By the time he left the team, he owned almost every major rushing record in Dallas. He finished his career with a short stint on the Denver Broncos.

Eric Dickerson came to the NFL after a highly touted career in college at Southern Methodist University. He took the league by storm with some magnificent years with the Rams before moving on to play with the Colts, Raiders, and briefly the Falcons.

Both of these great running backs would eventually be honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One NFL quarterback links these two all time greats. There is only one player who threw touchdown passes to both of these Hall of Famers. In a 1984 win over the Bears, Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom would hook up with Tony Dorsett on a 68 yard scoring pass. He and Dorsett would again combine for a score the next season in a loss to the Eagles, this one from seven yards out. Three seasons later, as quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Gary Hogeboom would toss a 50 yard TD pass to Eric Dickerson in a loss to the Jets.

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