Trent Dilfer Is The Man… Again?

It seems like ages ago when the debate was who would be the better NFL Quarterback, Trent Dilfer or Heath Shuler.  These top rated Quarterbacks came into the NFL in 1994 and neither lived up to expectations.

Shuler bounced around unsuccessfully and eventually found himself out of a job, Dilfer however proved to be a mediocre but serviceable Quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for six years before leaving via free agency to join the Baltimore Ravens for one year.  But, what a year it was… Dilfer “guided” the Ravens offense and Ray Lewis and company took over the league with their defense.  In the end, Trent Dilfer and the rest of the year 2000 Baltimore Ravens were left sporting shiny new Super Bowl rings.  Dilfer would go on to spend four uneventful years with the Seattle Seahawks before spending the 2006 season as a sometimes starter for the Cleveland Browns.

With the recent injury to Alex Smith, the San Francisco 49ers find themselves putting the fate of their up and coming young team in the hands of former Super Bowl Champion Trent Dilfer.  All is not lost 49ers fans… there currently are only five starting Quarterbacks in the NFL who have also won Super Bowls as starting Quarterbacks, and you have one of them – Trent Dilfer.

The other four?

Oh, uh…

Peyton Manning

Ben Roethlisberger

Tom Brady

and Brett Favre

so, yes it could be better.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are two other winning Super Bowl Quarterbacks still in the league but serving in a backup role: Kurt Warner with the Arizona Cardinals and Brad Johnson with the Dallas Cowboys.

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