Trent Green Back In The Saddle For The St. Louis Rams

Trent Green has been named the starting quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. Why does that sound familiar?

The year was 1999 and head coach Dick Vermeil had been having trouble getting the Rams to win games after he had spent 15 years in the broadcaster booth. In 1997, the Rams had posted a record of 5-11 and had followed it up with an even worse record of 4-12 the next year in 1998. After tiring of their quarterback situation which had consisted of starter Tony Banks and backups Mark Rypien and Steve Bono respectively during the previous two seasons, the Rams had signed one of the exciting up and coming young quarterbacks in the offseason when they inked free agent Trent Green to a four year contract.

Then it all came apart during preseason when Green went down to a knee injury. The team was devastated and was forced to turn to former third string quarterback Kurt Warner. The year progressed magically as Warner led the Rams to the playoffs and then a Super Bowl victory, being named MVP of the NFL and the Super Bowl along the way.

After coming back from the injury, Green would spend one more year with the Rams before signing with the Kansas City Chiefs who by then would be coached by none other than Dick Vermeil. Green put up some incredible numbers with the Chiefs, in fact passing for more yards from 2002-2004 than any other player playing during those seasons. He would eventually play six seasons with the Chiefs before moving on to play one season with the Miami Dolphins. That one season in Miami would be painful though when Green went down to another season ending injury.

Now Green finds himself back on the Rams roster, and thanks to disappointing performances from the offense in the first three games… he is now the starter. Maybe this time around will go better, it couldn’t go much worse.

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