Walter Payton’s Numbers As A Quarterback?

Walter Payton was not only one of the best running backs ever in the NFL when it came to running with the ball, he was a great all-around player too in that he was good at blocking and receiving as well. One area of Payton’s game that doesn’t get much attention though is his passing game. Over the course of his career, the Chicago Bears trusted Walter Payton regularly to throw passes when the play called for it. Because of this and his long career, he put up some pretty impressive numbers.

-Walter Payton’s #34 jersey is famous in NFL history. During his career he attempted 34 passes as well, completing 11 of them. While his completion percentage is not too impressive, his completed passes did average over 30 yards per catch. These 34 passing attempts are also the most of any non-quarterback since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

-The non-quarterback who has thrown for the most yards since 1970 is Hall of Fame running back and Chicago Bears legend Walter Payton who threw for 331 yards as a result of his 11 career completions.

-Walter Payton also has thrown for more touchdowns, eight, than any other non-quarterback since 1970. Close behind Payton though with seven career touchdown passes is San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

-The player who didn’t play quarterback but threw for the most interceptions in their career is also Walter Payton. During his career he threw six interceptions.

-During the 1983 season Walter Payton threw three touchdown passes.

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