Which Players Caught Just One TD Pass From Bob Griese Of The Miami Dolphins?

Bob Griese is a true NFL legend. He was quarterback of the Miami Dolphins during a time when they were truly the best team in the NFL. He played in a lot of big games over the years. He also threw a lot of touchdown passes.

Many players caught a lot of touchdown passes thrown by Bob Griese. In fact, the player who caught the most, a total of 33, was none other than Nat Moore. Other players catching a double digit amount of TD passes from Bob Griese were Paul Warfield, Jim Mandich, Howard Twilley, Karl Noonan, and Duriel Harris. There were also eight players he played with who would catch just one touchdown pass from him.

The Eight Players Who Caught Just One TD Pass Thrown By Bob Griese

Nick Giaquinto
Loaird McCreary
Joe Auer
Mercury Morris
Sammy Price
Gene Milton
Gary Davis
Frank Jackson

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