Which Players Caught Just One Touchdown Pass From Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning had an awesome NFL career, something that is proved by any number of facts, feats, or accomplishments. He retired having thrown more touchdown passes than anyone in the history of the league with a total of 539. Marvin Harrison caught the most of anyone, catching 112 TD passes from Manning during their time together on the Colts. Other players who have caught a good many touchdown passes from him over the years include players like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Demaryius Thomas, Marcus Pollard, Julius Thomas, and more. Who though, during their time playing with Peyton Manning, caught just one total career touchdown pass thrown by him?

There were 11 players who did just that by the time Peyton Manning finished his careeer.

The 11 Players Who Caught Just One TD Pass Thrown By Peyton Manning

Virgil Green
Jim Finn
Mitch Unrein
Gijon Robinson
Aaron Moorehead
Luke Lawton
Dan Klecko
Ronnie Hillman
Trevor Insley
Mike Roberg
Tom Santi
Lamont Warren
Kenton Keith

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