Who Caught The Most Touchdown Passes From The 49ers Joe Montana?

Joe Montana
Creative Commons License photo credit: cliff1066™

In the history of professional football, there are very few players who have achieved the heights of Joe Montana. Montana was the quarterback of the high profile Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish in college and then became one of the integral pieces to the amazing San Francisco 49ers team that was built in the 1980’s.

During his career though, who caught the most touchdown passes thrown by Joe Montana?

Here is a look at the top five receivers ranked by the amount of touchdown passes they had thrown to them by the great Joe Montana.

Jerry Rice – 55

Dwight Clark – 41

Freddie Soloman – 29

Roger Craig – 15

John Taylor – 15

While it’s true that Joe Montana was a great quarterback, it is also true that he could not have done it alone. The players listed above played a large role in exactly how successful Montana became as a quarterback.

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