Who Caught The Most Touchdown Passes From The Eagles Ron Jaworski?

The Philadelphia Eagles had a very good team during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. A large part of that team being successful was the skills and leadership of their quarterback, Ron Jaworski. Jaworski started his career with the Los Angeles Rams but quickly came to Philadelphia where he really made his mark.

He was part of some big games while playing with the Eagles, including helping get them to the Super Bowl. He threw some important passes over the years, but who caught the most touchdown passes from this great Eagles quarterback?

Here are the top five receivers based on number of touchdowns they caught from the great Ron Jaworski during their careers.

Harold Carmichael – 47

Mike Quick – 33

Keith Krepfle – 18

Charlie A. Smith – 13

Wilbert Montgomery – 12

Just missing the top five list with eleven career touchdown receptions thrown to him by Ron Jaworski is fan favorite John Spagnola.

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