Who Did Hall Of Famer Norm Van Brocklin Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Norm Van Brocklin earned his way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a tough as nails quarterback for the Rams and then later the Eagles. He had high expectations early in his career and he lived up to them, teaming with Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch to form one of the most feared quarterback – receiver combos in the league.

He threw a lot of important passes and played in some very big games during his career, with both the Rams and the Eagles. Who though was his favorite receiver during his career?

Here is a look at the top five receivers based on touchdown passes thrown to them by Hall of Famer Norm Van Brocklin.

Elroy Hirsch – 32

Tommy McDonald – 29

Bob Boyd – 21

Tom Fears – 20

Bobby Walston – 9

Van Brocklin’s interaction with football didn’t end when his playing career did. He went on to be a fairly successful coach too for both the Minnesota Vikings and the Atlanta Falcons.

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