Who Did John Brodie Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

John Brodie was one of the great quarterbacks in National Football League history. He is still remembered by San Francisco 49ers fans as one of the best they have ever had, and that is really saying something. He played in an era in which the 49ers had some up and down times, but he was always very consistent and helped the team to be very competitive.

Who did John Brodie thrown the most touchdown passes to during his career though? Here is a look at the top five receivers based on how many TD passes went their way from Brodie.

Gene A. Washington – 27

Dave Parks – 23

Bernie Casey – 21

John David Crow – 14

Monty Stickles – 14

Brodie has gone down as one of the best, but a large part of what got him there was the great players like those listed above who caught the passes he threw their way.

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