Who Did Rich Gannon Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Rich Gannon had an interesting NFL career. He started out mainly as a backup quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings before finally getting a chance to show his stuff. He was very mobile and many thought him not the right fit for the team at the time, although he was somewhat successful in his limited opportunities. He would eventually play briefly for the Washington Redskins before seeing action as a starter with the Kansas City Chiefs. It wasn’t until moving on to the Oakland Raiders though that Gannon really showed his stuff.

During his career, he played in some very big games, even taking the Raiders all the way to the Super Bowl. He had some great years and won a good amount of individual awards. Who though did he throw the most touchdown passes to over the years?

Here is a look at the top five receivers based on how many touchdown passes were thrown to them by Rich Gannon.

Tim Brown – 30

Jerry Rice – 16

Rickey Dudley – 13

Anthony Carter – 12

Andre Rison – 11

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