Who Did Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Jim Zorn Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn's Rookie Card

Jim Zorn was one of the first fan favorites that the Seattle Seahawks ever had. This young and active quarterback came along and had his rookie season in the same year that the Seahawks started as a franchise. The two grew together somewhat and he is still loved by the football fans of the Pacific Northwest.

Zorn was a scrambling quarterback to a certain degree. Sometimes by design and other times because it was his only option as there was not always a lot of talent surrounding him. He could usually seem to get free and complete the pass though, sometimes seemingly by pure chance. Who though did he complete the majority of his career touchdown passes to though?

It should come as no surprise what name appears at the top of the list, but here is a look at the top five players ranked by how many touchdown passes Jim Zorn threw to them.

Steve Largent – 43

Sam McCullum – 20

Sherman Smith – 9

Dan Doornink – 7

Don Testerman – 5

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