Who Did Steve McNair Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Steve McNair was drafted by the Houston Oilers in 1995 out of Alcorn State. He was highly touted coming out of college, and the Oilers coaching staff did a very hard thing, they let him spend the majority of his first year standing on the sidelines watching the NFL game. When he finally did get his chance though he really showed the league what he could do.

McNair was a tough player that could both deliver a hit as well as take one. He had a great arm but could also get the necessary yards using his legs too. He played a huge role in the history of the franchise, especially after it relocated and became the Tennessee Titans. He had a lot of important passes during his career, some of the biggest in franchise history. Who caught more of his touchdown passes than anyone else though?

Here is a look at the top five list of receivers based on how many touchdown passes they’ve caught from the great Steve McNair.

Derrick Mason – 32

Frank Wycheck – 21

Kevin Dyson – 16

Drew Bennett – 11

Willie Davis (tie) – 8
Eddie George (tie) – 8
Erron Kinney (tie) – 8

Interestingly, Derrick Mason caught touchdown passes thrown to him by McNair with both the Tennessee Titans and later the Baltimore Ravens, as they were teammates in both locations.

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