Who Did The Baltimore Colts’ Bert Jones Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Bert Jones

Bert Jones

Bert Jones came out of Louisiana State University with a lot of expectations. He seemed to show that he could fill those from early on, based on both his arm and his legs. Jones didn’t have a lot to work with during some of those seasons as the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Colts in the 1970’s, but he made the most of it. The team may not have had a ton of success, but they were always entertaining to watch and never an easy victory, thanks in large part to quarterback Bert Jones.

Who were his favorite receivers during his career though? A good way to measure that is to take a look at who he threw the most touchdown passes to.

Roger Carr – 24

Glenn Doughty – 16

Lydell Mitchell – 13

Don McCauley – 12

Ray Butler – 10

Raymond Chester – 10

Bert Jones had a lot of talent and a gun for an arm, but not even he could do it all by himself. He had some good receivers around him to help him make some of those great plays and the five guys listed above were very instrumental in his success.

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