Who Did The Bengals Boomer Esiason Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Boomer Esiason played college football at the University of Maryland where he was fairly successful. He then was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals during the mid 1980’s, and went on to become one of their most popular and successful quarterbacks ever.

Boomer was a left handed quarterback known for his accuracy. He had a great deal of success with the Bengals, winning some big games and taking the team about as far as it could go with the talent that was there. Esiason would also spend time on the rosters of the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals before playing one final season in Cincinnati. After retirement, he was still very visible as one of the more popular television and radio broadcasters for NFL games and as an in studio analyst.

He played in some big games during his career and threw some important touchdown passes. What player caught more touchdown passes from Boomer Esiason than anyone else though?

Here are the top five receivers ranked by how many touchdown passes they have caught from Boomer Esiason.

Eddie Brown – 39

Rodney Holman – 30

James Brooks – 24

Tim McGee – 22

Cris Collinsworth – 17

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